Raw Source UI Sound Effects Library


This mini library contains mechanical buttons, rocks, pops, clicks, latches, and other raw sources for user interface sounds. Great for video game developers, editors, video makers, and sound designers looking to add organic layers to their sound design or music.

  • 96k/24 bit
  • Royalty-Free
  • Multiple variations for each sound

(This library contains free sound effects that you can use synchronized to any visual or music-based audio project you would like. No credit is necessary).

Short Sample Below:

Microphones Used

Sennheiser 8090, Sennheiser 416, LOM Usi Pro

Recorders Used

Sound Devices Mix Pre 6, Sound Devices 702t

Software Used

Reaper (Editing and Naming), Izotope RX7 (De-Noising), Soundly (Meta-Data), Sound Q (Meta-Data)

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Create a great user experience for your video games projects.

This library also works great for buttons, knobs, levers and other mechanical sounds in your videos and animations.
This pack is FREE. Feel free to add a dollar or two if you wish to support more sound libraries like this one.
75.1 MB

Raw Source UI Sound Effects Library

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