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Typewriter Sound Effects Library

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This library contains mechanical typing sound effects from a vintage Remington 5 Typewriter. Great for video game developers, editors, filmmakers, and sound designers looking for high-quality sounds for their projects.

Create typing sounds, mechanical part movements, user interface buttons, or a 1940's office setting.

  • Easy-to-use typewriter sound effects
  • High-Quality and Royalty Free
  • Source Files: 192k/24 bit
  • Stereo
  • Multiple variations for each sound

(This library contains free sound effects that you can use synchronized to any visual or music-based audio project you would like. No credit is necessary.)

Short Sample Below:

Microphones Used

Sennheiser 416, Sennheiser Ambeo (Stereo Only), LOM Usi Pro Pair

Recorders Used

Zoom F3, Sound Devices Mix Pre 6

Software Used

Reaper (Editing and Naming), Izotope RX7 (De-Noising), Soundly (Meta-Data), Sound Q (Meta-Data)

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Great for typing sounds, mechanical part movements, user interface buttons, 1940's office setting's, and more...

This pack is FREE. Feel free to add a dollar or two if you wish to support more sound libraries like this one.

Typewriter Sound Effects Library

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